Ferric sulfate solution is an inorganic coagulant widely used in waste water treatment and potabilisation. It is also used as a sludge conditioner before the filtering process.

Main uses

  • COD / BOD Remover
  • Color and taste remover
  • Highly organic load waste water treatment
  • Backwater treatment
  • Waster water from slaughterhouse
  • Fluoride and arsenic remover
  • Fosfate removal


It could be used directly or diluted at 10% using a corrosion resistant pump. The mixture should be preparad with turbulent water.


Our technical support will assist you about the optimum amount to use depend on the kind of water treatment you are planning to use.

Properties Chart

Parameter Values
Appearance Brown/green liquid
Density 1.30 g/ml min.
Solids 39-48 %
Expiration 24 months



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