Products based on one or more Inorganic coagulants and an Organic coagulant, developed for specific applications providing better performance in the removal of turbidity, suspended solids, COD and Color, additionally improving the formation and sedimentation rate at lower doses than the inorganic coagulants.





CQPAC 10 Excellent as a clarifier in drinking water with low alkalinity and good algae control. 10 a 100 p.p.m.
CQPAC 12 Removal of color in wastewater from the textile industry. 100 a 2000 p.p.m.
CQPAC 23 Water / oil emulsion breaker, pool clarification and industrial wastewater treatment. 20 a 2000 p.p.m.
CQPAC 27 Metal-mechanical industry wastewater clarification and emulsion breaker. 20 a 2000 p.p.m.
CQPAC 30 Drinking water clarification, removal of Arsenic and Fluorine. 10 a 100 p.p.m.
CQPAC 35 Clarification of waste water for the metalworking industry and the food industry. 10 a 200 p.p.m.
CQPAC 56 Clarification of drinking water removal of color, Manganese, Fluorine and Arsenic. 10 a 100 p.p.m.
CQPAC 57 Clarification of wastewater in ceramic and food industries and as a detactifier. 10 a 100 p.p.m.
CQALUM 8510 Excellent detactifier in paint booths and used as an emulsion breaker. 10 a 200 p.p.m.



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