Aluminum Hydrochloride


Aluminum Chlorohydroxide liquid deodorant grade at 50% solids is used mainly as an active ingredient in the manufacture of antiperspirants because due to its polymeric nature it forms a thin hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier to prevent sweating, another of the characteristics is its low level of iron content. We are currently suppliers of companies that manufacture personal care products of recognized national and international prestige.


Standard Aluminum Chlorohydroxide liquid at 50% solids is used mainly as a clarifier in the treatment of drinking water and industrial waste, offering enormous advantages over conventional monomeric salts, reducing residual Aluminum, improving the formation of flocs, does not modify the PH, increases the sand filter race.

Both products CQPAC 01 and CQPAC 02 are also produced in powder CQPAC 101 and CQPAC 102

Our products are certified by NSF / ANSI / 60.

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