Cosmetic industry

Aluminium chlorohydrate and Aluminium sesquichlorohydrate were developed as active ingredients in the manufacturing of anti-perspirants, they help by forming a hydrophobic film to avoid sweating.

We have developed these high quality products with a low iron content to enhance their properties and obtain better results. Our products have been successfully used by international personal care companies.



Chemical Name


CQPAC 02 Aluminum Clorohydrate solution Roll on, creams, lotions, sticks, serums
CQPAC 25 Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate  Roll on, creams, lotions, sprays
CQPAC 73 Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate solution Roll on, creams, lotions, aerosol
CQPAC 102 Aluminum Clorohydrate powder Aerosol, talcum powder
CQPAC 103 Aluminum Clorohydrate high viscosity Gel products, cristaline, sticks



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